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GIVING: Suubi Primary School


Suubi Nursery and Primary School in Uganda needs your help. Having outgrown the site it has occupied since it was established in 2005, they desperately need funds to finish the construction of their new larger space and new materials. Any dollar amount will go an awfully long way. For example:

$10 will pay for one pupil's school uniform;
$50 will pay for an entire classroom's supplies;
$200 will pay for a security gate on the compound; and
$500 will pay for the labor needed to complete construction.

If you would like to donate any school supplies and/or educational materials, please contact us directly. Suubi is in need of reading books (English), and educational board games.

Please note that you can also combine gift amounts. For example, if you would like to donate $30, simply add three 'Supporter' gifts to your cart. All donations are tax deductible.

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