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Image of Summer Assortment Ekibbo African Baskets - Uganda

Summer Assortment Ekibbo African Baskets - Uganda

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New styles coming September 15.

A portion of this sale will go toward scholarships and campus upgrades at Suubi Orphanage and Primary school in Uganda. Read more here: http://www.osxnasozi.com/giving

Ekibbo means "basket" in Luganda, the primary language of Uganda, where these baskets are made. Traditionally, they are used by the groom during wedding ceremonies as he gives gifts to the bride's family. These beautiful handwoven baskets are perfect to use as a place for your cell phone, house keys, sunglasses, or to use as a wall hanging! Naturally toxin-free, materials are sourced locally from the dried banana leaves, to the vibrant natural dyes, extracted from flowers, roots, and leaves grown by the weavers themselves.

• Handmade in Uganda and Rwanda by women artisans
• 12-13" across, 2-4" deep (pricing varies by depth and is noted in selections)

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